Coming Soon: The TAG Book to Kick Start Your Teaching Artist Career

We could choose to be daunted by all the obstacles we face as a profession.
As Teaching Artists, we work with and for institutions and systems that are struggling for funding, respect, and community support: education, the arts, social services. We work with these systems because we know we are needed for so much more than simply teaching art (as if that were simple). We know we are yielding the power of the arts to address massive social issues such as:

  • Inequity and Injustice
  • Wasted Human Potential
  • A Lack of Courageously Empathetic Leaders
  • An Overall Compassion Deficit
  • Disconnected Families, Neighbors, and Communities

We have a lot of work to do.
Social change does not come fast or easy.  As we continue to do this vital work, we must have patience, celebrate each small victory, and keep our eyes on the prize.
At the same time, we gotta eat.
TAG Free E-BookSure.  We can choose to sit around and complain about how bad things are for us.  We can lament about the pitiful funding environment for the arts.  We can complain about how schools don’t have enough money to pay us what we’re worth or enough time to effectively integrate our strategies.  And we do do this, don’t we?  C’mon, admit it.  I know I do.  But I also know that all of this complaining won’t help us take care of ourselves and our families.
What if there was a way to press pause on the complaints and find a new path towards prosperity?  And what if we could do this in a way that builds on and honors our skills, passions, experience, and expertise?
There is a way.  This e-book is about helping you find it.
Lynn Headshot TAG editLynn Johnson, TAG’s Membership Director is putting the final touches on her e-book, Make. Teach. Prosper. The 12 Essential Business Tools You Need to Kick Start the Teaching Artist Career of Your Dreams.  When the book is released on August 1, it will be available to you for FREE and contain:

  • A process for creating a simple but powerful business plan
  • Tips for unleashing the power of social media
  • Advice about developing your unique brand
  • A step-by-step guide to getting your website set up
  • Information about liability insurance, setting up administrative supports, and much more!

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