What are your Understanding Goals for 2014?

The other day, I was chatting with a colleague (let’s be honest…we were having drinks), when she shared with me her “Understanding Goal” for 2014.

Me:  Understanding Goal?  Like, from the Teaching for Understanding framework?
Her: Yes.
Me:  That’s so cool.  That’s so much cooler than plain old resolutions.  When you create an Understanding Goal, then you actually have something to assess, to measure.  You can check in with yourself and see if you are actually learning…actually changing…actually growing.
Her: I know.
Me: I should write a blog post about that.

Here is my personal Understanding Goal for 2014:

  • How do I access and harness my personal power as a teaching artist/entrepreneur – my physical, intellectual, and creative power – to bring about abundance in my life?

Here are the 2014 Understanding Goals for TAG:

  • What are the widely-agreed-upon essential skills, resources, and structures that teaching artists need to be successful in our work?
  • How do we coordinate our efforts through local, regional, and national partnerships to be able to provide these skills, resources, and structures.

In my humble opinion, this should be the 2014 Understanding Goal for the Field of Teaching Artistry:

What are your Understanding Goals for 2014?

Lynn Headshot for TAG
Lynn Johnson is a theater teaching artist, writer/blogger/speaker and the Membership Director for Teaching Artists Guild.  She is also the Co-Founder/CEO of Glitter & Razz Productions LLC, producer of Go Girls! Camp, an internationally recognized social innovation, where 6-11 year olds make and perform their very own peaceful and powerful plays that “we believe will change the world.”



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