On Friday, March 13, 2020, Teaching Artists Guild joined with the Association of Teaching Artists, the National Guild for Community Arts Education, Creative Generation, NYC Arts in Education Roundtable and the Teaching Artists of the Mid-Atlantic to present a webinar for teaching artists bracing for the impact of COVID-19 on the United States.

During the webinar, many excellent resources were shared by panelists and participants alike, and there were numerous requests for a “master list” to be collected and published for the benefit of everyone in the field.

On this page, we have published the recording of that nation-wide webinar (the transcript of that webinar is available for download here), as well as our master list of resources, and a form that will allow you to submit more resources for the benefit of the community.

This list and this web-page are a work in progress. If you have suggestions on how we can improve this page, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Questions to Ask Your Employer re: Compensation
  1. In what capacity are you employed as a teaching artist? Employee? Independent Contractor?
  2. Am I eligible for paid sick time? If so, how much do I have accrued and where do I find that information?
  3. What is your cancellation policy?
  4. When and how can I use paid sick time? – varies from state to state 
    1. If my children are sick?
    2. If I have to care for a loved one?
    3. If schools close due to a pandemic
    4. If I don’t want to go to work due to safety concern
    5. What is your class cancelation policy for pay for teaching artists?
    6. Are you putting into place any emergency pay measures?
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  • General
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  • Labor Laws / Sick Leave (by state)
  • Marketing
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Department of Labor Main Website


Being an Arts Ambassador

Your ambassadorial job is one of the building blocks of effective advocacy.


Why Should the Government Support the Arts?

Research supplement


Learning in a Visual Age

The critical importance of visual arts education


NAEA Platform and Position Statements

PDFs and more


Arts Education for America’s Students

A statement calling on policy makers and the public to re-examine support for quality arts education.



Every Student Succeeds Act



National Arts Education Association’s Advocacy Homepage


Americans for the Arts

AFTA Advocacy homepage


Facts & Figures to Make Your Case

Data is the Key to Being a Successful Arts Advocate


Oklahomans for the Arts

Oklahomans for the Arts is a nonprofit organization that advocates for public investments in arts, culture and arts education in Oklahoma.


Designing Your Own Path: A Year of Professional Development for the California Teaching Artist

Most of us design our own path — that’s what this hot topic of certification is all about.  But whether you think that’s a good …