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Aug 31

ITAC’s August Think Tank

August 31, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am

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Hosted by Sudebi Thakurata (India)

Using Teaching Artistry to Explore Future Literacy, Future Fluency, Future Competency, and Future Consciousness

Join the International Teaching Artist Collaborative on Tuesday, August 31 from 8:30-10:30pm IST (4:00-6:00pm BST/11:00am-1:00pm EDT) for our August Think Tank.

This month marks the beginning of our new ITAC Innovator Think Tank series! Each month, our Think Tank hosts will invite interested participants to engage with them beyond the initial session and form working groups which can collectively address a specific need or topic linked to their original theme. Participants are welcome to join the session, learn more about hosts’ chosen topics, and then choose to opt-in to these collaborative working groups. Why not come along, learn about different practices, and discover the ways you can get involved?

About the August 31 Session:What does future competency mean in the arts and creative sectors, and in social, cultural, or ecological impact spaces? How can these two come together in forms of creative collaborations which allow Teaching Artists, future creative practitioners, and communities to be future-ready and more future-conscious?

This session will explore “WHAT IF,” and engage participants in a discussion around what skills and competencies we think we should be equipping people with now, to ensure they are ready for the future. With constantly evolving skillsets, changing contexts, and new kinds of knowledge and wisdom required, what is the role of TAs in supporting them effectively? How can we make sure we are preparing future practitioners with capabilities of the future and not those of the past? This session will examine the role of TAs, and the challenges/barriers which are present, in relation to future-consciousness building in creative ways. The conversation will be supported by Sudebi’s trans-disciplinary design collective D.epicentre and the work they have been doing on Futures for the last few years.

The follow-up working group will be invited to build a framework for a future literacy, fluency, competency, and consciousness curriculum that can be widely used by Teaching Artists across different contexts. The design-led process, running for at least 6-8 months, will facilitate the generation of new ideas, new theories, and new wisdom, built upon existing knowledge and newer partnerships. Sudebi hopes to capture the processes and perspectives from the working group, which will meet every 3 to 5 weeks, in a shareable guide that can act as a living document others can learn from. This resource may become a collectively-made multi-layered book, simple website, games/simulations, or a toolkit that can be utilized by arts/creative practitioners in different contexts—the form will be determined by the working group.

About the Host:

Sudebi Thakurata (India) is a narrative designer, creative facilitator, educator, writer, and futurist. She designs experiences, engagements, and environments that allow people to think, have dialogue, make their thinking and interaction visible and thus enable them to design their own solutions and narratives using different modes and media. Sudebi emphasises socially, environmentally, and culturally relevant issues, inter-weaving design thinking, imagination, systems thinking, pedagogy, visual and performing arts, oral history, ethnography, and research to design possibilities. A facilitator at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Sudebi has co-founded the transdisciplinary design collective, D.epicentre. She is also a Creative Facilitator of SEAΔ, a trans-national cross-cultural leadership programme curated by Mekong Cultural Hub and British Council. A global UNLEASH talent, Sudebi started a unique pedagogy, art and design led trans-local initiative “The Archival City- a Site of Learning.” She is one of the six international experts co-creating a ‘Fair Collaboration Toolkit’ for EUNIC where she is also currently leading the design team. She has been invited as a guest faculty/curator/collaborator/designer at Stamps School or Art and Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar, Ahmedabad University, IDC-IIT Bombay, Nirma University, and NCBS.