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Aliyah N.C. is a budding teaching artist, illustrator, writer and former U.S. military brat of Jamaican descent who has lived in over ten different places across three different countries. A former graduate of St. John’s University (2019), in 2018 she received the Social Actions Initiative Award from the Sociologists for Women in Society alongside her peers as a part of the Health & Migration project. Locally, she has worked with several organizations including the Art Lab and has exhibited work at Kinetik Arts (Empire Outlets). A perpetual foreigner, in a world that isn’t always inclusive, she likes to create work that celebrates the “other.”


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Visual Arts, Literary Arts

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Visual Arts

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Yes – Up to 25 miles

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exposure (on-site assembly/off-site field trip), residency, culminating participant experience (performance, exhibition, parent community engagement)

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youth: 0-5, youth: 5-18, differently abled people, teachers/educators

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English, Spanish