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Formerly operating as Inspire Change, an education project that accompanied Broadway Shows, CHANGE Arts has already served over 15,000 students.

CHANGE Arts now invites you to imagine the world in which we are all excited and empowered to experience the Visual, Performing, and Literary Arts by using Find Your Art to identify arts events and workshops that enhance teaching and learning.

By connecting classrooms and communities to thematically-meaningful Performances and Exhibits (and subsidizing the admission or ticket price), coupled with pre- and post-activities that stem from the group’s own objectives, CHANGE hopes to enable arts access and nurture growth and empathy.

Through collaboration, we can build awareness of today’s cultural experiences to ensure tomorrow’s audiences. We firmly believe the arts to be an empathy machine, and that empathy inspires CHANGE.

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CHANGE Arts aims to make arts access limitless, so everyone has lifelong experiences with the Visual, Performing, and Literary Arts to nurture reflection, empathy, and joy. CHANGE wants to see the arts-going demographic become as diverse and colorful as new work aims to be, in pursuit of personal, communal, and systemic change. By Challenging Hurdles to Access and Nurturing Growth and Empathy, we can CHANGE.

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youth: 5-18, youth: 18-24, families/parents guardians, differently abled people, immigrant populations, LGBTQ+, older adults, business professionals, teachers/educators

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435 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031