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Lebanese-Armenian artist Hildos, born Hilda Abla moved to NYC in 2013 and where she pursued her artist and teaching artist career. She started as a teaching Assistant at an Art studio, then an Educator at the Brooklyn Children’ Museum, a  STEAM educator and currently as a Teaching Artist with Illuminart and Brooklyn Arts Council.This diverse work experience gave her the knowledge and tools to navigate and  provide better teaching services to students. Driven by making a difference and helping students in underserved communities and not believe in one size fits she adapts lessons plans to the students’ needs and help them develop their skills and growth their potential. She is also a positive body image activist and convey this message through her art.

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Visual Arts, Media Arts / Digital Arts, Multi-Disciplinary

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Visual Arts

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Yes – Up to 10 miles

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exposure (on-site assembly/off-site field trip), residency, culminating participant experience (performance, exhibition, parent community engagement), professional development

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youth: 0-5, youth: 5-18, immigrant populations, LGBTQ+, teachers/educators

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1 74th Street, Brooklyn NY 11209

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Arabic, English, French