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I run an organization called senseofplace LAB ( which provides educational experiences on art, architecture, nature, urban planning, sustainability and livability. My background is multifaceted; I have worked as a Museum Educator, Associate Professor and Arts Intervention Specialist for K-12 public school. I have a Masters in Art from California Institute for the Arts and an undergraduate degree from George Washington University, DC. I’m currently completing my teaching certification in Special Education, with a focus on Social and Emotional Learning. Social and Emotional Learning is the process of learning social and emotional skills, which are essential for success in school, work, life. I have a special interest in working with learners with autism.

My teaching includes facilitating a variety of processes for kids to express, support, and understand themselves through art. My philosophy is to create an online education environment that feels safe, calming, and is focused on the needs of the student. I believe every student has innate creativity, and I am very committed to supporting students to develop that. My interest is in empowering the student by letting the creative process fuel their individual interests and to support them to solve their own problems and challenges. Humor is very important! I love animals and am happy to have students have their pets nearby them as we work online.