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Miko Lee is a storyteller, speaker, and educator. She believes in the power of story to amplify voices.

Miko’s entire career has been in the nonprofit world, first as a theatre actor, director and writer and then as an artistic director and as an arts education leader and executive director.

Art Forms

Theatre, Visual Arts, Dance, Media Arts / Digital Arts, Multi-Disciplinary

Primary Art Form


Are you willing to travel for work?

Yes – Up to 50 miles

Are you currently looking for work?


Experience Level


Program Experience

exposure (on-site assembly/off-site field trip), residency, culminating participant experience (performance, exhibition, parent community engagement), professional development

Populations Experience

youth: 0-5, youth: 5-18, youth: 18-24, families/parents guardians, healthcare patients, differently abled people, immigrant populations, indigenous populations, LGBTQ+, incarcerated youth, incarcerated adults, veterans, older adults, business professionals, teachers/educators

Demographic Data



How do you describe your gender identity?


Educational background that informs your teaching artistry

Formal Academia, Community Setting, Traditional Cultural Practice, Mentorship

Community Setting

Arts organization

Traditional Cultural Practice

2 generations

Mentorship (serving as a mentor)

1-5 years

Field Experience

Wisdom and mentoring (16+ years)

How many dependents do you have?


Community you work in

Local, Regional, National, International

Do you have citizenship in the country you work in?