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From LinkedIn: ┬áSkilled in Drawing, Painting, Collage, Relief and Intaglio Printmaking, Photography, Curatorial Projects, and Arts Education, with a demonstrated history of working in the Fine Art Industry for over 35 years…


Currently working toward an M.A. in Gallery & Museum Management; exploring the Reggio Emilia Approach in Early Childhood Education; assisting development of the Collaborative Community Quilt with Lynching Sites Project of Memphis; waxing and polishing 18thc British antiques at M. Ford Creech Antiques & Fine Arts, Memphis.


My inspiration/motivation to make/create/take-action comes from my relationship/engagement with the land, the landscape, the material culture, the sights, sounds and stories of the environment in which I live. My manner of expression, be it through paint/print/words/action, brush/line/conversation/narration, is motivated by the emotional attachment/connection I feel to that which is directly in front of me.


As a third-generation Southern female artist, from a family of professional painters, each well-schooled in the classical traditions of painting and drawing, my artwork applies a fresh contemporary spirit of energy to the historically traditional genres of landscapes and still lifes.

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Visual Arts

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residency, culminating participant experience (performance, exhibition, parent community engagement), professional development

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youth: 0-5, youth: 5-18, teachers/educators

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