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Rebecca Crenshaw is a New Orleans based educator/musician. Her goal as a teaching artist is to explore and merge the worlds of performance and education, using experiences from each to inform the other. With 13 years of experience, she has built two elementary strings programs, started a private violin studio, and written an arts integrated curriculum with the LPO.  She currently acts as the Music for Life Consultant for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, coordinating after school and Saturday youth programming. Rebecca has extensive work/travel experience, having performed in Berlin and Greece with Flock Dance Company, taught violin in Sweden, and worked as a youth leader in Fiji.  She performs with multiple ensembles spanning many genres, from Samantha Fish to Judith Owen.  She writes and performs music for the dance company Flock, led by local choreographer Meyrl Murmam, and has recorded on albums with Arcade Fire and Alex Ebert.

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Music, Dance, Literary Arts, Multi-Disciplinary

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Yes – Up to 50 miles

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exposure (on-site assembly/off-site field trip), residency, culminating participant experience (performance, exhibition, parent community engagement), professional development

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youth: 0-5, youth: 5-18, youth: 18-24, families/parents guardians, differently abled people, immigrant populations, older adults, business professionals, teachers/educators

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New Orleans, Louisiana