Boston Area Network of Teaching Artists (BANTA)

Are you a teaching artist? The Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture Boston and EdVestors has been convening organizations and stakeholders investedĀ in the well-being of our local teaching artist community over the past few years.A teaching artist can be defined in a lot of different ways, and many people use different labels, or names, to describe this work – like arts educator, art teacher, cultural artist, community artist, cultural agent, and cultural worker. We are focusing broadly on anyone who identifies as an artist (of any artistic medium!) who also teaches as either part of their artistic practice or as a means of making supplemental income. We hope you will find this group to be a helpful place to network, share resources and opportunities such as professional development workshops and jobs, and come together as a community with shared needs and experiences.
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Teaching Artists Guild

Teaching Artists Guild

Teaching Artists Guild (TAG), is a practitioner-led community which raises the visibility and development of artists who teach.
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