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Welcome to Centering the Work, a new online resource; a crowd-sourced arts education and social justice repository celebrating best practices, practitioners and projects from all over the country to serve as beacons, inspirations and support for expanding the work from the margins to the mainstream. Browse the resource database below, and please let us know if you know of another resource that we should include here.

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Centering the Work | Social Justice Resource Database

A note from the database project instigators, Tina and Robyne…


There are many ways to talk about teaching artistry and social justice.

– Many folks only look at who has access to arts learning as a social justice issue and seek more inclusion and opportunities for marginalized communities (POC, the elderly, the differently abled)… and sometimes leave it at that.

– You can also consider the content of materials and finished work, and have that artistic exploration and expression be specifically tied to culturally relevant / responsive and liberatory themes.

– Another way is to think about it is the foundational skills required for every teaching artist to build equity and anti-oppression into classroom culture, to ensure all students can show up in all their identities and engage creatively.

We speak to these ideas in the TAG quarterly (page 26).