Membership. Belonging, either individually or collectively, to a group.
You make.  And you teach others to make.  You change lives with and through your art.  You change schools and communities with and through your art.
You are a Teaching Artist.
I am going to take a minute today to highlight the important program we just unveiled! Some of this has been up on our website a little while, but we are just starting to share out about it, and it is super exciting and useful! What’s this? An email list? Noooooooo…actually no. Ok ok ok ok check it out (I’m a little excited):
First, we worked with a consulting group on  a 3-year study focused on exactly what Teaching Artists need to build and sustain this important work. Then, we honed our results in focus groups in the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles. When we had a strong picture of what people really wanted and needed, we searched for providers. We built out two levels of membership, one a Full package, which includes healthcare and wellness services, legal and financial services, and family, travel and leisure services (whee!). Plus a TAG membership profile, free job board access, free and discounted TAG webinars and events, and a few other discounts and things I might be forgetting….It’s a lot! We are not going light-weight here! This program has guts. The Allied Membership, on the other hand, is for those who might not be working as independent contractors, who don’t necessarily need all the services of the Full Membership, but who want to stay abreast of everything happening in the community, have access to the job board, etc. I am so thrilled with our Membership team (Lynn, Kenny, Beth), research team at Next Step, with Jess Mele, and focus groups for pulling this incredible program into being. We worked together, and will keep working together, to add perks and discounts and amazing, applicable offerings. Offerings that help you on the ground, in the workplace, behind the scenes, in your life.
In summation: this is not just an email list.

Why should you become a member of TAG?

You love what you do and you believe in the power of the arts to make a difference.  You also know how challenging it can sometimes be to advocate for yourself and your work, find and sustain well-paying employment, and equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to grow and prosper.
When you take that step to become a member of TAG, you make an important investment in:

  • Professional & Career Development: Increase your professional opportunities by gaining more access to the tools, wisdom, and information that will help you build and shape a prosperous career as a Teaching Artist
  • Networking & Community Connections: Join a dynamic & robust community of Teaching Artists, leaders from Teaching Artist hiring organizations, and other allies from all over the country
  • The Greater Good of the field of Teaching Artistry: Play your part in building the capacity of our field to make a collective impact in our schools and communities

We are pleased to premiere the TAG Membership Program, providing you the services you need to support your personal and professional health as a Teaching Artist!  TAG’s Membership Program emerged from a 3-year study focused on exactly what Teaching Artists need to build and sustain this important work.  With this Membership Program, TAG is emerging as the first of its kind professional association dedicated to Teaching Artists.
So check it! More information about our memberships plans are here, and details on the Full Membership offerings here and the Allied Membership here. It’s all on the website and ready to go. Hope it helps, and thanks for being you and doing the work you do.



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