Changes are coming!

Changes are coming soon! Here are a few of the things we’ve been cooking up here at TAG!
We’ll have a shiny new website in about two more weeks, which will be much easier to navigate. It’ll get you to our resources and tools simply and intuitively, so we can be that much more useful to you.  And it’s really good looking, too!
We are also, now that we’ve got this Quarterly Magazine thing really roaring, going to focus on not just big statewide projects and national collaborations, but local events. In person.
IMG_1321-ANIMATIONHere is me at the most recent in-person event in Oakland, CA. I can get pretty expressive even while balancing a laptop in my lap, apparently! But Circus of Smiles completely stole the show by actually juggling while we discussed …juggling… your life, art, teaching artistry, etc! In Los Angeles, we were grateful to be joined by teaching artists and administrators from organizations like The Music Center, LA Philharmonic, The Gabriella Foundation and Inner-City Arts. Feedback from event participants was pretty unanimous: teaching artists want more!
We’ve also begun, and will continue into the summer, a series of webinars that are SHORT but pithy and get you the information you need from the human you want to hear it from. Yes!
There is a lot of new stuff in MEMBERSHIP, too, including:

  • An insurance service specifically geared to teaching artists, and small arts and culture organizations! If you’ve ever struggled to find affordable rates for yourself or your small org or biz, let alone someone who has a clue about what kind of insurance it actually behooves you to carry, then you’ll know why I am so excited about this.
  • Flax Art + Design has offered a 10% discount to all TAG members nationwide on their website, or in person in the CA stores. Yay art supplies!
  • We are also about to launch an Organizational Membership, with lots of great tools for arts and culture orgs and local arts agencies to further support their teaching artists and help us build this field!

We’re growing, and we hope you’ll grow with us! Come on in, the water’s fine!



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