February 2024 Newsletter

Hello, Teaching Artists! Phew, it’s been a busy month at TAG. We want to thank all of the wonderful teaching artists who took part in this month’s Literary Salons series. There was so many rich conversations had, and you can watch them at the links below. We’re gearing up for our March 5th meeting with our National Advisory Committee meeting, so stay tuned for more updates.

Here are February’s monthly opportunities:

Building on our listening tour series, TAG is proud to present Literary Salons for Teaching Artists: Unveiling the Art of Publication. Watch the videos for a captivating hour of conversation and exploration into the world of teaching artist publications! These online virtual literary salons, hosted by TAG, invites you to explore the process of publication and discover the impactful work of teaching artists across the country. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and celebrate the literary achievements of teaching artists! You can watch all the salons here.

Co-ED Kerry Warren facilitated one of the latest TA Tuesday workshops at the Roundtable! This workshop focuses on providing guidance to Teaching Artists for contract negotiations and advocating for equitable pay rates with current or future employers. Facilitators share tools, tips, and tricks, and attendees also get to hear from a local arts organization about their efforts toward wage transparency and structuring TA pay rates. Facilitated by Amanda Adams-Louis, Laura Bozzone, and Kerry Warren.

Check out this new Incite/Insight article by Sam Marsden, drama teacher and author of Acting Games for ImprovDrama Games for Early Years (4 -7 year-olds), and 100 Acting Exercises for 8 – 18 Year Olds.

TAG & the TAP (Teaching Artist Project) Alliance teamed up on February 25th for a salon! What a blast to have an in person New York salon at Shambhala Yoga and Dance studio owned by TAP alumni Deanna. Dale and Kerry led teaching artists through a restorative yoga class and sound bath in Brooklyn. Thank you all who came out to participate!

Promotional banner for CourseStorm offering a free download of the ‘State of the Arts Report’. The graphic features a stylized blue sky with fluffy white clouds and a scattering of colorful, abstract paint blobs. Text on the banner highlights that the report provides a decade of class registration insights and recommendations to help arts education programs SOAR in 2024.

Art Dock is a service that makes it very easy for artists to teach by taking care of the business side of teaching, allowing artists to focus on the teaching part they enjoy.  

Art Dock manages bookings, online payments, promoting classes, waitlists, cancellation policy, reminders, refunds and more.  All this at no cost to the artist! Art Dock loves to Gather | Create | Connect people and the arts.  We are in our third year with Art Dock and want to grow the artists we serve.  

As always, we could not do this work without your support. Thank you!

With Gratitude,

Katie Rainey & Kerry Warren
TAG Co-Executive Directors

We cannot do the important work of advocating for teaching artists through these various initiatives without funding. Please consider donating to TAG to help support teaching artists through our work. Even $20 can go a long way!



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