#TAGaTA Today! // November 2023 Newsletter

We’re bringing #TAGaTA back! Last year, you may remember our campaign across social media to uplift teaching artists in our community and share their stories. We’re playing again today on social media and we hope you’ll join us! Post an image of a teaching artist you admire in action. Tell them why their work matters to you. Then use this copy below:

If you’ve been tagged, TAG a teaching artist you admire! Tell them why their work matters to you. Let’s raise the visibility of #teachingartists everywhere today because #TAsRock! #TAGaTA #CreativeResilience 🥰

Don’t forget to tag TAG in your posts so we can reshare them on our platforms. The most shared post will get a TAG TRAVEL MUG. We will also share our creative resilience stories on this day and in the weeks after. 

If you’re in a position to donate, please consider supporting TAs in our #CreativeResilience campaign. There is no small amount and all funds go directly to the teaching artists who make TAG run across the country!

Exciting news! TAG has been invited to lead a panel of teaching artists from our National Advisory Committee at the April National Guild conference. We’re hosting listening tours for teaching artists and celebrating #creativeresilience.

Help us make this happen! We’re seeking funding to send our NAC members to the conference in DC. Donate to our campaign and support the NAC. Your contribution ensures we can present these inspiring narratives on a national stage, highlighting the transformative power of storytelling in arts education.

Let’s make this celebration of #creativeresilience and storytelling a reality – join us in shaping a vibrant tapestry of narratives at the National Guild conference!

Check out this letter to the TAG community by former Co-Executive Director Heleya de Barros:

Dear TAG Community,

It is a very cold, windy, and blustery winter day here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s on days like today that I am especially reminded of the power of the arts and of teaching artists. When I was living and working in NYC as a teaching artist it was days like this that my roommate would often work from home because going out in the weather just seemed like too much. I would trek out, often with Ikea bags full of props, musical instruments, costumes, and more. I would fight for space on the subway for my giant teaching bags. I would strap them to Citibikes and bike in the rain and snow. I would trudge them up 5 flights of stairs in school buildings where the elevators were broken. I would do it because of the look on young people’s faces when I walked into the room with a creative activity. Teaching artists bring joy, creativity, and a new way of looking at problems into the room. We spark interest and delight on a gray and gloomy winter day. Teaching artists change lives through creative resilience. That is our theme at TAG this year. 

TAs work hard every day, not just trekking across cities, towns, schools, community centers, states, and more with their props and materials. We work hard to collaborate with community, to reach every student young and old in their own space, at their own pace. Teaching artists need support also. That is why I work with the Teaching Artists Guild to provide resources, advocacy, and community for living wages for artists, regional networks, and more to sustain the field of teaching artists. 

Unlike public school educators, teaching artists do not have the benefits of a union and need support to advocate for fair wages and visibility. TAG supports teaching artists with resources, regional networks, and a creative community in order to sustain the field of teaching artistry. 

As a grassroots organization TAG relies on small donations to fund its outreach, advocacy, and organizing. A tax-deductible gift of $25, $50, or $100 can fund our mission to connect, support, and advocate for teaching artists as we steer our community into the next abundant chapter of the field. Donations of $150 or more gain you a free TAG travel coffee mug so you can help raise the visibility of TAs with your morning commute.

Will you join me in supporting teaching artists this month? Your donation will make a huge difference for the field! Please consider donating at the link here, or by texting “GIVETAG” to 53-555.

Heleya de Barros

Kerry Warren has been in collaboration with Quanice at the National Guild for Community Arts Partnerships to get more teaching artists to attend the conference in April next year. What hinders most teaching artists from attending comes down to funding for this professional development opportunity. Here’s a draft of a letter that teaching artists can send to their employers as a way to fund their participation.

As always, we could not do this work without your support. Thank you!

With Gratitude,

Katie Rainey & Kerry Warren
TAG Co-Executive Directors

Don’t forget to share your stories of #creativeresilience! We’ll share your story and others across our platforms through the rest of the year. 



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