The most comprehensive list of Teaching Artist training and professional development opportunities ever published!

Writers Theatre TAs 'embodying' in training. Photo by Writers Theatre.
Writers Theatre TAs ’embodying’ in training. Photo by Writers Theatre.

Training Programs. Heads up. Resource! 
Last week we premiered what our Membership Director, Kenny, dubbed “The Big List”, a list of over 60 training or professional development programs available to teaching artists in the United States. Like we say on the webpage, this isn’t exhaustive; we know there are many more out there, and we’d like to see them all in one place! If you know of anything you don’t see listed, please add it to the Asset Map submission form, or just email us and let us know.

Education Associate Kieran Kredell in a TA workshop. Photo by About Face Theatre.
Education Associate Kieran Kredell in a TA workshop. Photo by About Face Theatre.

As with any list, deciding what to include is occasionally tricky. The original list was created by Kate Goldkamp, with funding from Aroha Philanthropies (these folks are tremendous supporters of the field!). Kate found roughly 40 programs, and we added to it with additions from our own database (part of the ever growing mountain of information that will be the Teaching Artists Asset Map). So what’s the tricky part? Well. Do we include a teaching artist training done by a hiring organization that is only training it’s own employees or contractors? I’m not sure. Do we include university programs that include just one class on teaching artistry as part of a degree? At this point, because they are relatively uncommon still, yes. Do we include music programs designed to produce credentialed teachers? Do conferences count? What about Applied Theater programs? Most of the time it serves me to be as inclusive as possible with my definitions around what a teaching artists is, and certainly around what training or PD they are behooved to seek out. So I think there may be something for everyone on this list, and it starts to give a picture of all the assets and attributes of this glorious hybrid profession. So dig through, muck about in there, and let us know what you think (and what could be added) in the comment section below. Happy exploring!
P.S. Technical note: We recommend using Chrome or Safari to view the Big List.

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