We did it! The Teaching Artists Asset Map is here!

Teaching Artists Guild has been working to develop an interactive digital asset map of the field: Where are teaching artists and organizations working? Who is being served, and how equitably? How do we find each other? We have been rolling out the map in select regions, including our home base in the SF Bay Area, as well as Chicago and New York, and are now sharing with the nation!

On the TAG Asset Map, individuals, programs, and organizations get their own profile. Here you can include a bio and a headshot, and showcase your organization and/or yourself with information about who you are and what you do in the arts education ecosystem.
We have been working on this project for a long time because as much as we attempt to be of service to the field of teaching artistry and arts education, the biggest part of it is connecting the network. No one has done this yet. And our work serving you all is a lot harder if we can’t get a gauge on the value we teaching artists are creating, the services we are providing, and the needs we collectively have in order to do our work better, if we don’t even know who we are, collectively.
So take a look around. Make sure you’re on here, and the people and organizations you know are on here. This is going to be an ongoing process. We are collecting this information two ways. One, we are working to develop partnerships so we can upload existing datasets on this topic. We have a few of those, and more in the works, so you’ll be seeing new information every time you log on to the map. In fact, if you know of an existing directory or dataset of arts orgs or teaching artists, let us know! We’d love to connect and see if we can share. The second way we are doing this is through YOU. Individual humans, adding their info, adding their organizations and programs. And then, hopefully, sharing that with their network.
Your help in this early stage is crucial, and we are thankful for your participation! This is important work. Not only to those we all serve, so we can know more clearly who is, and who is not, receiving arts education, in order to more effectively advocate for resources. It’s helpful to us internally in the arts education universe. This is a tool for you. So get on there and use it!



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