We are the California branch of Teaching Artists Guild, a national organization dedicated to strengthening the field of teaching artististry, in order to create a thriving, sustainable profession, to serve a nation in which the arts are accessible to all. Formerly Teaching Artists Support Collaborative of California (TASC), we are a network of organizations and individuals who believe that teaching artists can and should play a front-line role in engaging Californians in lifelong learning. We believe every student in California’s schools deserves to engage with all arts disciplines (dance, music, theatre, literary and visual arts) every day as part of a well-rounded, high-quality education. We understand that learning occurs throughout one’s lifespan and we know that the arts are a meaningful tool for all ages in every community to learn, engage and celebrate. Our network includes teaching artists and arts administrators with varying years of experience and expertise representing regional arts organizations, educational settings, and community social service organizations from across the state. As a strong, well-equipped network of professional teaching artists in California, TAG of CA is picking up TASC’s good work: building public awareness for the value and role of teaching artists in the community, sharing best practices and resources for delivering quality arts education experiences, and advocating for the professional status of teaching artists. Join us!
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