Educator’s Network for Social Justice Milwaukee

In 2008, a small group of educators from across southeastern Wisconsin began to meet to discuss ways to promote anti-racist anti-bias teaching and to advocate for social justice issues in schools.  The first year the first Anti-racist Anti-bias Teaching Conference was held and the organization’s membership soared.

Since that time, ENSJ’s organizational structure has grown and the mission has been formalized.

We are an organization of educators including classroom teachers, teacher educators, and community activists, who strive for educational justice. We work to protect the right of all students to a quality and equitable public education. We do this by promoting social justice curricula, cultivating our political understanding, and mobilizing for collective actions to create change.

In the seven years since then, ENSJ has sponsored many events to promote anti-racist anti-bias teaching and to organize teachers to advocate for issues impacting education in today’s schools.

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