Pandemics: A history of discrimination

A detailed article on the history of discrimination with regards to pandemics. When we look at history, we find such discriminations has always existed, and that the system has repeatedly failed to protect its most vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens from contagious diseases.

Repeatedly throughout history, pandemics have evolved beyond being ‘just a health crisis’ into social phenomenons that have strained society economically, politically, and culturally for years.

While the diseases themselves respect no boundaries, colours, or ethnicities, they often breed stressful environments that expose the true nature of our social and human values. It is within these circumstances in which pandemics unveil the clear health disparities between socioeconomic classes, as well as the vilification of minorities in media and public health responses.

In this respect, a dissection of the COVID-19 pandemic today will quickly show a reflection of the same discriminatory practices that still existed centuries before.